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    Magnatune: we are not evil
    We offer a unique music collection. Every month, 300 musicians send us their music. We choose the best 3% and give you plete access. You save time. Great artists get paid.
    Instantly build yourself an awesome collection of music in hard to find genres such as classical, world, jazz, new age.
    Unlimited downloads in your favorite formats
    Unlimited streaming from anywhere, forever, without mercials, with no monthly fees.
    Legally share our music with your friends and family.
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    New albums:
    1. Rouges and Lovers by Luke Gartner-Brereton: Music for minds
    2. Love Amplifier by Love Amplifier: Lose yourself in the electronic
    3. Fly by Dmitry Krasnoukhov: New age romantic piano music
    4. Original melodies for Flute, Fretless Bass and Percussion by Andy Findon: Virtuoso flute and piccolo performances by top london musician
    5. Mother Earth by Windpearl: Eclectic, atmospheric hard electronica with a helping of chiptune sounds and drum & bass
    6. The Devil I Know - The Remixes by Mercy Machine: Introspective avant-pop songs
    7. The Orchestral Master by Matthew E Sargent: Masterfully posed orchestral and electronic film scores
    8. La Faille by Justin St-Pierre: Acoustic percusive guitar
    9. Resonance by Icicle: He who sings thinks no evil
    10. Binary Emotions by Michael Lovatt: Deep house and tech with a trippy downtempo vibe
    Popular albums:
    1. Ladislav Jelinek plays Beethoven by Ladislav Jelinek: Classical works from a world renowned pianist
    2. Sancta Camisia by Hans Christian: New age meets indian cello
    3. Original melodies for Flute, Fretless Bass and Percussion by Andy Findon: Virtuoso flute and piccolo performances by top london musician
    4. Conversations Galantes by Ensemble Mirable: Rare and extraordinary music of the baroque
    5. Beethoven Piano and Cello Works by Tanya Tomkins and Eric Zivian: Beethoven piano and cello works
    6. Scenes of Travel by Eleanor Hodgkinson: Beautifully crafted individual playing
    7. Magnificent Obsession vol 3 - Beethoven Sonatas by Sebastian Forster: Exquisitely performed beethoven piano sonatas
    8. From the Lobby of the Cooper Arms by Robert F Trucios: Classical piano
    9. Monkey Town by Dixie Cannon: Rock solid pop rock, vintage rock, classic rock, folk rock and art rock
    10. Dances and Suites of Rameau and Couperin by American Baroque: Spectacular baroque and classical chamber music
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